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Co-Mingled Recycling

CSC is committed to providing long-term and sustainable recycling services for our clients. Co-mingled recycling includes paper, cardboard, metal, glass, aluminium and plastic, which are the most common recyclable waste items produced from households and businesses. CSC will meet the specific recycling requirements of your local council or industry regulations, providing cost effective and streamlined management and sorting of your recycling.

Service Benefits/Features


Locally Owned & Operated

CSC began as a family owned and operated business and remains so today. As we have grown in size and expertise, we have maintained our approachable company culture to provide you with professional and friendly waste management service.


Personalised Service

Catering to a wide range of industries and clients - CSC will tailor a specific waste and recycling management plan to suit your businesses requirements.


Affordable & Reliable

Tailored to your specific needs, CSC will provide complete end-to-end waste services to suite your budget.



We are committed to sustainable waste management - to create a better future for our staff, our clients and community.


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