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Commercial Waste

CSC offers a complete range of commercial waste services for all business, trade and event uses. Our commercial service is used mostly for general purpose recreation, education, sport or entertainment waste. CSC offers flexibility and bespoke, waste management plans for our clients who have a range of commercial waste needs unique to their business or industry.

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Industrial Waste

Our industrial waste service focuses on the heavy duty requirements of construction, demolition, infrastructure and engineering projects. CSC will collect, dispose of and where possible recycle; dirt and gravel, masonry and concrete, scrap metals, solvents, chemicals, wood and scrap lumber and any further construction or demolition waste.

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Compactor Services

CSC offer compacting services to reduce your home or businesses rate footprint. Predominately consisting of cardboard and general waste, CSC can tailor a compacting service to your business, trade or facilities specific needs. Our compacting services can be run either on-site, with delivery and installation of compactors and cardboard bailers, or pick-up and bailing off site at one of CSC fully equiped facilities.

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Medical & Clinical Waste

The healthcare industry generates a wide-range of waste streams. CSC adheres to strict industry regulatory codes of practice for disposal of all hazardous medical waste adhering to state and federal legislative guidelines and licencing requirements. We provide total waste management services for these complex safety, operational, regulatory and environmental challenges the sector faces.

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Co-Mingled Recycling

CSC is committed to providing long-term and sustainable recycling services for our clients. Co-mingled recycling includes paper, cardboard, metal, glass, aluminium and plastic, which are the most common recyclable waste items produced from households and businesses. CSC will meet the specific recycling requirements of your local council or industry regulations, providing cost effective and streamlined management and sorting of your recycling.

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Skip Bin Hire

CSC offers a range of skip bin sizes available for your business, home, short or long term projects. Skip bins are a great, affordable waste option for projects requiring single-use or multi-bin waste. Ranging from smaller to commercial sized skip-bins suitable for construction materials, hard waste, soil and other large quantities that will not fit into smaller bins. CSC will deliver and remove waste at your preferred time, sorting and recycling products wherever possible.

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Electronic Waste

CSC classifies electronic waste as any appliance or technology with a cord or battery. E-Waste contains precious materials including rare metals, minerals, plastics and hazardous substances.

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Bin & Pressure Washing

A total waste management service, CSC does the jobs you don’t have time to do. We believe in keeping your work and residential spaces healthy and hazard free - key to this is maintaining the equipment you use.

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Liquid, Hazardous & Sanitary Waste

Liquid, Hazardous & Sanitary Waste often requires careful preparation and handling. CSC adheres to strict industry regulations when collecting, disposing and repurposing these often dangerous waste items. Working with a range of industries from health and medical, retail and hospitality to construction and industrial – CSC safely and quickly processes your liquid, hazardous and sanitary waste to minimise harm to the environment and your workplace. Our services cover; wastewater, oil and grease trap, septic and sewage, paint and chemical, hospital and laboratory waste, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic and clinical waste.

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