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The healthcare industry generates a wide-range of waste streams. CSC adheres to strict industry regulatory codes of practice for disposal of all hazardous medical waste adhering to state and federal legislative guidelines and licencing requirements. We provide total waste management services for these complex safety, operational, regulatory and environmental challenges the sector faces.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted greatly on Victorian businesses and individuals, CSC is committed to your health and safety by maintaining a clean environment by upholding strict OH&S protocols.

Providing solutions

CSC Waste & Recycling offers a solution to all individual waste streams within the healthcare industry. We partner with hospitals, clinics and other health services to eliminate and dispose of all cytotoxic, pharmaceutical and anatomical waste. All our incinerated waste is handled in adherence to legislation and codes of practice.

Clinical waste

CSC Waste can provide a range of options to contain and dispose of your clinical waste , this includes bins and containers for; sharps, human tissue, materials contaminated with blood or bodily fluids, laboratory waste or animal waste created by medical, dental or veterinary research or treatment.

Cytotoxic waste

CSC uses colour- coded cytotoxic waste lines to securely collect and incinerate waste from specialist facilities. Cytotoxic waste includes; materials or pharmaceuticals which are carcinogenic, cytostatic, cytotoxic, mutagenic and/or teratogenic. It also includes materials associated with their administration, such as needles, syringes, intravenous appliances, ampoules, vials, gauzes, caps, gloves and swabs.

Pharmaceutical waste

Pharmaceutical waste includes material defined as drugs, remedies, medications (excluding cytotoxins) that have either expired or are no longer required. CSC will also collect waste materials or substances as a byproduct of pharmaceutical manufacturing or administration. We will securely collect and incinerate these items from hospitals, pharmacies, medical centres, veterinary practices and other health facilities.

Anatomical waste

CSC offers specialised services for the collection of waste consisting of human tissues, organs, body parts, pathological specimens and body tissue taken during laboratory testing, surgery or treatment. This also includes animal waste used in research. We will collect and dispose anatomical waste for hospitals and veterinary clinics, with various sized bins and containers to meet your needs.

Sanitary waste

Discreet and safe, our sanitary waste solutions units are slim line and user- friendly utilising the best hygienic solutions for disposal and odour elimination. We distribute, collect and replace your sanitary units in line with all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations.


CSC also specialised in the collection and treatment of dental amalgam, associated chemicals and containers. Our individual waste units are ideal for secure separation of this type of waste.

Laboratory waste

CSC has equipment to collect and treat all laboratory waste such as; chemicals in liquid, powder and solid form, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, alcohols and maintenance waste such as paints, oils and cloths, formaldehyde and all other individual requirements for your facility.


CSC will process unwanted materials to recover valuable resources used in x-ray and radiology technology such as silver, plastics and precious metals. Our team will collect and recycle your x-ray films, developer and fixer liquids from hospitals and for medical, dentistry and veterinary facilities, with lockable collection bins to protect patient confidentiality.

Collecting Valuable resources

CSC is committed to sustainable waste management and recycling. Our team has developed recovery solutions for items that contain valuable re-usable materials. Our safe and efficient offerings enable your facility to enhance your recycling practice and reduce their environmental footprint.

Sterile wrap

A significant volume of the waste produced by hospitals is sterile wrap. The CSC team will collect your unused, uncontaminated sterile wrap for processing and recycling at our state-of-the-art facilities. This condensed product is then granulated and turned into pellets for manufacturing of new products - which helps your facility reduce you environmental footprint.

Surgical instruments

CSC collect and treats medical-grade steel devices such as biopsy forceps, electrosurgery pencils, energy devices, linear cutters, laparoscopy scissors, ligation devices, staplers, surgical saw blades and drills other access systems. This allows us to recover valuable metals for repurpose, rather than ending up in landfill.

Clean plastics

CSC will collect and treat used plastic dishes, bowls and other receptacles from hospital operating theatres, removing any clinical waste through a high temperature sanitisation process. This plastic is then repurposed for use in polypropylene products.

PVC plastics

CSC will collect use PVC medical products such as drained IV bags, oxygen masks and oxygen tubing for recycling. These plastic products account for around one-third of hospital general waste. But engaging CSC with this service, you are helping to reduce you facilities carbon footprint.

Quick Collections

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