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Why CSC Waste? Whether you’re a team player or self-motivated, prefer driving a truck or out in the field, and whether you want to create new business and ideas, we have a career for you.

Why people join our team:

  • We embrace diversity and appreciate a wide-range of experiences and perspectives to encourage the growth in our business.
  • We are committed to personal and professional development of all employees;
  • We are advocates for a sustainable environment: our innovative solutions reduce ours and our customers’ impact on the environment.
  • We are leaders in Customer Service and building customer relationships is at the forefront of addressing environmental and customer problems and risks

The Culture At CSC Waste

We aim to provide a culture of professional excellence with quality working conditions, excellent salary packages and safety as a high priority. Our employees work directly with our clients and local communities, responding to the major challenges of sustainable development; they take initiative and responsibility every day and our organization involves decentralized, highly responsive units, which give our employees considerable autonomy to do their work.
We know the skills and knowledge of our employees is our biggest asset, which is why we provide a pathway to a career building culture driven by professionalism and excellence.

Our commitment

We recognize our continued success is built on our record of safety, our approach to sustainability, and our staff. We are committed to providing the following:


We place the highest value on the health and safety of our employees. Our operational processes ensure that safe working practices are enforced – no compromises. As we continue to improve our processes to respond to risks and crisis events, we will continue to meet health and safety challenges.


We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact through efficiency, research and innovation. In all our business activities, we work to avoid, reduce or control environmental impacts, and review environmental objectives and targets with the aim of continually improving the living environment.


CSC Waste & Recycling is committed to providing sustainable opportunities to both young and experienced people across Australia and encourage all applicants to apply. We have a number of training and career development programs to ensure individual success.

Quick Collections

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